At JARS, we love creating unique and interactive experiences for our family of customers — and our JARS Ice Fest event on February 6th was no different. We decided to embrace the Michigan cold at the JARS Lansing location and show our patrons some love with an epic event, complete with ice sculptures by Ice Dreams Sculptures and so much more. Take a closer look at the fun below and mark your calendars for the next JARS event!

Ice Dream Sculptures

We honestly cannot say enough about these iconic ice sculptures. Ice Dreams Sculptures really outdid themselves in creating an immersive experience that was pure winter wonderland perfection.

CBD Mocktail


And of course, the CBD mocktails were flowing thanks to our friends at Vive CBD — and we mean c’mon, this ice bar is just dope AF.


Infused with Vive’s CBD, their custom cocktail creations kept us warm from the inside out.


And you know that it wouldn’t be a JARS event without some great music. A special shoutout to We Are Culture Creators for creating some seriously high vibes for us all day long.


This special ice DJ bar emblazoned with our sponsor Church’s logo is definitely going down in the history books.


Even Curtis Roach, aka @curtistootrill of “Bored in the House” fame, came out to rock the microphone for us. We are so grateful that he came out of the house to get the whole crowd lit and bless us with his music.

We also have to give a huge shout-out to our partners that helped make this magic happen.


Hyman was in the building to remind us it’s okay to be the highest person in the room.


Our friends at Kushy Punch had to get in on the fun too.


And our partners at Terpene Tanks did their part to help set the mood right.


Last but not least, what kind of an icy event would this be without Chill Medicated?


But most of all, we just loved seeing all of your smiling faces (with Donut Bar in hand duh).

If you missed out on JARS Ice Fest, don’t worry, we got plenty more where that came from. Keep your eyes peeled for the next event and come into JARS to get that good green today.



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