Do you know these rare hybrid strains?


Every once in a while, you smoke some unforgettable weed that seems like nothing you have ever experienced before. We’re not talking about your everyday dank buds, we’re talking about the kind of weed that leaves you wanting more and you desperately search for it again and again—but buds like this are hard to find.

Even though there are plenty of great strains to choose from in the wide world of weed, certain varieties have found underground infamy and are made exclusively in small batches. That’s why it’s important to know the names and characteristics of rare weed strains, so when you see one, you know to stock up. If you are a hybrid fan, read on to discover nine of our favorite rare hybrid strains.

Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is one of the rarest strains in the entire world. Grown naturally in Malawi for generations, this legendary landrace strain remains consistent, uniform, and universally loved. Although, unlike many popular modern hybrids, Malawi Gold has a moderate THC level. Generally ranging between 14 and 18% THC, this strain still delivers a remarkably smooth high.

The overall effects from this flower are vibrant, clear-headed, and energizing. If you are lucky enough to encounter this mythical weed, cherish its potent and invigorating effects, as you are enjoying one of the surviving ancestors of modern cannabis.

Idukki Gold

Sometimes referred to as Kerala, Idukki Gold is another rare landrace strain grown in Idukki, India. Bursting with the aroma of mint, menthol, musk, and peppercorns, expect lime green buds that contrast with purple stems. When you roll this rare hybrid up, you’ll find a powerful high that will leave you energized and ready for anything—especially outdoor activities like hiking or going to the beach.

Black African Magic

Hailing from the Ituri Forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Black African Magic is another uncommon cannabis strain. While it may be hard to find, its dark purple, almost black buds make it immediately recognizable. Typically high in THC and THCV,  this strain is reserved for professional pot lovers or anyone looking for relief from chronic pain.

Lamb’s Bread

Rumored to have roots in Jamaica and made popular by Bob Marley himself, this rare hybrid is known for its mood-boosting effects. The dense, sticky flower is often bright green with an earthy yet floral scent. Many medical marijuana patients search for this strain to banish depression and alleviate stress. When looking for this strain, keep an eye out for Lamb’s Breath as well—they are usually one and the same.

Punna Budder

Peaking in popularity in the 1970s, this once iconic hippie strain has become increasingly hard to find. Puna Budder is a potent hybrid crossed from Hawaiian sativa and Afghani indica landrace strains. The result is a lightly tropical flavor and balanced, long-lasting effects. Often used by patients that suffer from depression or migraines, this uplifting yet mellow strain offers a pleasantly fun high.

Lasqueti Island

Another strain you’ll be hard-pressed to find is Lasqueti Island. With indica leaning effects, this rare hybrid strain typically offers a robust cerebral high with relaxing sleepiness, making it ideal for bedtime.

Its signature sparkly nugs smell musky and sweet and taste of tropical fruits with pine, lavender, and notes of berry. If you suffer from insomnia or chronic pain, this rare strain may be the solution you have been searching for.

Oaxacan Highland

Oaxacan Highland is more than just one of the rarest cannabis strains—it is also one of the oldest. Indigenous to Oaxaca, Mexico, this strain was widely enjoyed in the 1970s before it slowly slipped into infamy. Some even claim that this strain has gone extinct, but for our sake, we certainly hope not.

From those that have been blessed enough to sample this strain, they say that it has a rich earthy flavor with notes of spice and tart fruit. After a few puffs of this tasty weed, expect to feel focused, creative, and carefree.

Bubba OG

Sometimes classified as full-on indica, Bubba OG is one seriously potent strain. With a sweet, citrusy smell, and lazy yet euphoric effects this strain is ideal for relaxing on the couch or socializing at an intimate gathering. Bubba OG is often used by medical marijuana patients to treat symptoms associated with insomnia, nausea, and pain.

Final Thoughts: Happy Hunting

Whether you are looking for that one-of-a-kind hybrid high or a legendary landrace strain, this list will help you know exactly what to look for—so study up and hop into JARS today! You never know what rare strains you might find at any of our locations.

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